CES show report

We kicked off the new year with the largest consumer electronics show on the planet again: CES. Just like in 2019, 2016, 2015, and 2014, we compiled an overview of the new products and trends we saw at CES, but first we would like to give you a brief overview of our presence there. Our processor and software solutions continue to expand and capture more market share. One of our key markets is automotive ADAS – we showed several automotive intelligent camera demonstrations. We also presented our next-generation v-MP6000UDX AI processor platform and toolflow, which runs a wide variety of deep learning and visual computing tasks. In the show report we discuss the different automotive announcements that were made at the show, including Sony’s VISION-S concept vehicle with its 13 Sony cameras, 5 radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 3 Lidars.

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Up next: AI Hardware Summit Europe, Mobile World Congress and more

MobileWorldCongressCES is just behind us, and the next few shows have already been scheduled. Coming up first is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest show in the world that focuses on the mobile phone industry and ecosystem. Then in March we’ll be at the AI Hardware Summit Europe in Munich. AIHardwareSummitEuropeThis show targets companies that develop or adopt AI compute solutions, for which our next-generation v‑MP6000UDX AI processor platform has been designed. In May we will again be at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara, the key event of the year in edge AI and vision processing.

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Embedded Vision Alliance becomes Edge AI and Vision Alliance

EdgeAIandVisionWe’ve been an early member of the Embedded Vision Alliance. During our membership, the consortium has grown to more than 100 member companies. Earlier this week the alliance announced a significant expansion to encompass not just embedded vision but all edge AI applications and technologies, including those processing images, video, audio, vibration, radar, lidar, and other types of sensor data. Its new scope includes AI performed on-device, on-system, or on-premise, as well as hybrid edge-cloud applications. At videantis we’ve seen a movement toward more computing at the edge for quite some time. Also, especially in automotive, we see a trend to use our processors not just for images and video, but also for radar, Lidar, and ultrasound. We announced the adoption of our next-generation v‑MP6000UDX AI processor platform and toolflow for an autonomous driving chip that has been optimized to handle all these sensor data types just last month. We congratulate the Edge AI and Vision Alliance team with their new expanded scope and direction and are looking forward to continue working with the alliance and its member companies to bring a wide variety of exciting new products to market that include AI and vision.

Industry news

Tesla Model 3 crash: Narrow UK roads are not Autopilot friendly
European roads are much narrower than the ones we see in the US. This may be an explanation for what happened with this Tesla Model 3 Performance owner in the UK. But was it Autopilot’s fault? The video owner says Autopilot offered to drive and that it had the latest version of the firmware. Watch the vehicle’s video

Semiconductor industry rebounds back
The Global Semiconductor Alliance surveys semiconductor executives from across geographies, company sizes, and industry segments to provide an annual industry outlook. The report found that semiconductor leaders are optimistic and have a positive financial outlook for 2020. 74% of respondents expect their companies’ annual revenue to increase by six percent or more. And among smaller more recently funded companies (less than $100 million in annual revenue), which typically focus on leading edge products and services, 58% predict revenue growth of 20% or higher in 2020. Read more

Upcoming events

Mobile World Congress 24 – 27 Feb, Barcelona, Spain Meet our team at the largest mobile event in the world.
AI Hardware Summit Europe 10 – 11 Mar, Munich, Germany Come see us at this leading European AI Hardware event.
Embedded Vision Summit 18 – 21 May, Santa Clara, CA Visit our booth or set up a meeting at the key edge AI and vision event of the year.

Schedule a meeting with us by sending an email to sales@videantis.com. We’re always interested in discussing your video, vision, and deep learning SOC design ideas and challenges. We look forward to talking with you!

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