For Developers

We offer a complete suite of technologies and solutions to support the development of your videantis-powered products.

System development

We are the creators of the videantis processor architecture. Our system solutions, development tools, and software support accelerate your software application development.

Need to develop products that beat your competition in performance, features, size, and power consumption? You’ve come to the right place. Our development tools and licensable software libraries help engineers worldwide deliver market leading products.

System design

Your partner in bringing next-generation automotive and
consumer electronics systems to market.


videantis offers a complete range of software development tools to develop applications for videantis-enabled SoCs. The extended toolset enables production sign-off for automotive projects with functional safety requirements.


The videantis suite of optimized software libraries provides a platform to get products to market faster. videantis provides vision and image processing acceleration libraries, fully-optimized video codecs, and much more.


videantis combines deep domain insights with decades of experience. videantis can help to complete products with training, workshops, and custom adaptations to the existing software products.

Development tools

The videantis extensive suite of software development tools enables engineers worldwide to complete and optimize their software projects on time and on target.

Do you have your own computer vision algorithm you need to run on videantis-enabled devices, and want to get the most out of it within the shortest time?

Need to port and optimize a complete application stack for the videantis architecture?

We have a wide variety of tools that help you complete your products.

Available products include

  1. Eclipse-based IDE
  2. v-CNNDesigner maps and optimizes deep learning workloads
  3. videantis-C C compiler with vector support
  4. High-level code generator
  5. High-speed multicore simulator
  6. Profiler and debugger
  7. Code coverage tool and run-time memory analyzer
  8. Production sign-off tool suite for automotive development and ISO 26262

Automotive development

videantis offers a wide range of technologies and services to support your automotive product development.

Functional safety is key to ensure advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles operate correctly in any circumstance.

Need support for ISO 26262, Automotive SPICE, or MISRA-C? We have the experience and tools you need.

We have extensive experience in supporting the automotive industry. Our technology has been in automotive production for many years and there are already millions of  videantis-enabled vehicles on the road today.

Software libraries

videantis has developed a vast collection of optimized libraries. Combining these libraries with your own code speeds up your development cycle and results in a significant performance boost.

Vision acceleration

  1. Object detection
  2. Optical flow
  3. SLAM / Structure from motion
  4. Feature detection and description
  5. Image resizing and pyramid generation
  6. and many more

Video compression and decompression

  1. Multi-format: supports many standards and is software upgradeable
  2. High quality: ultra-high resolutions, frame rates, and extended color depth
  3. Low to high bitrate: from a few kbps to well over 1Gbps
  4. Ultra-low delay: end-to-end delay of just a few milliseconds
  5. No DRAM: Operate without DRAM for low-cost solutions

Support solutions

We have over 15 years of experience in porting and optimizing applications to our architecture. Whether it’s deep learning, computer vision, imaging, or video coding applications, or even all of them combined, we have the right experience and ready-made customizable solutions available.


Improve the quality of your software

Ensure you meet your performance goals

Shorten your development cycle and reduce time-to-market

Reduce project risk and rapidly go into serial production

Optimize your videantis designs and reduce risk with best-practices advice from our experts on our tools and products.

Take advantage of our experience in developing highly optimized multicore software that runs full applications in a low-power footprint.

Our experts know what it takes to bring a deeply embedded project to serial production; on target and on time.

Available services include

  1. Training
  2. Workshops
  3. Customization of videantis standard products

Application partners and industry organizations

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We back our industry-leading products with top-rated service and support. Our expertise and personal attention ensures you get the most from your investment and helps keep your project on schedule.

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