For smarter embedded systems

videantis helps customers to integrate deep learning, computer vision, image processing, and video coding into embedded systems.

Processor IP

videantis has developed the most power-efficient and highest-performing processor architecture in the market. The v-MP6000UDX runs deep learning, computer vision, image processing, and video compression, all on the same architecture.

For Developers

videantis offers a wide variety of software, tools, partners, and services to help customers complete their system developments faster and make sure performance targets are met.


Over the past few years, deep learning has gone from a niche technology being worked on in research labs to a must-have new technology for next-generation smart systems. videantis offers a range of visual computing solutions for these high-growth markets.

Automotive solutions

videantis plays a key role in automotive, with millions of videantis-enabled cars already on the road. Its solutions increase safety and enhance the driving experience.

Augmented & virtual reality

Combining computer vision and deep learning to accurately track the position of the head mounted display, hands, recognize objects, and much more.

Drone & digital camera

Increasing picture quality using object recognition, segmentation, and computational photography. Drones use deep learning to become autonomous.

Emerging applications

Many new applications are adopting cameras and deep learning: wearables, consumer robotics, smart toys, and of course IoT devices.

Gaming solutions

Gaming is becoming fully immersive, higher-quality, and is including new sensors that use computer vision to further enhance the experience.

Mobile and tablet

Phones and tablets have several cameras and high-resolution displays. This requires a high-performance AI system that can efficiently process the images.

Professional applications

Data centers are adding accelerator hardware to efficiently process video and analyze images. Robots in industry 4.0 applications use AI everywhere.

Set-top box & TV

videantis coding and vision computing solutions deliver high resolution with high dynamic range (10-bit) using the latest standards.

Surveillance solutions

videantis combines video content analysis with video coding on a single architecture, an ideal basis for building security solutions that include embedded vision.

Running all visual computing tasks on the smallest footprint with broadest versatility

Beating hardwired solutions in both power and performance,
while remaining fully software programmable.

Deep learning

The v-MP6000UDX processor runs the most demanding neural networks in real-time, at very low power, and in a extremely small silicon footprint.

Unified architecture

Whether it’s deep learning, computer vision, imaging, or video coding, all software is developed using the same single programming toolsuite.

Automotive solutions

videantis' driver assistance and autonomous mobility solutions adhere to automotive standards and practices. Millions of vehicles already use videantis' technology.

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