December newsletter: AI, the Universe and Everything


Dear videantis customer, partner, friend or other contact,

it’s December again. So it’s not only time for the next videantis newsletter, it’s also time to lean back, have a <add your favourite drink here> and reflect on the many things one may be struggling to understand these days.

There’s of course the global events, which – frankly speaking – are quite scary: countries invading other countries, countries threatening to invade other countries and countries trying to exploit this insane geopolitical mess. And all this gets amalgamated with a pandemic and the still widely neglected climate crisis. I am personally not sure whether we as a society set our priorities right…

But thankfully there are other situations where understanding might be difficult, yet more entertaining. For example, have you ever had to explain to your kids, parents, spouse or neighbour what you are doing for a living? Did you ever have to come up with an ad-hoc explanation for Machine Learning? Artificial Intelligence? Were you able to satisfactorily answer any follow-up question?

If you’re unable to instantly elaborate on these topics I have advice for you:

  • Check out IBM’s webpage – they have a plethora of definitions, explanations and downloads on this topic.
  • It’s not only about AI. Don’t forget (or even ignore) classical algorithms, e.g., for computer vision. Those will be around for a long time, whether it’s for legacy or safety. You want to know more? Talk to videantis!

With this, the whole videantis team and I would like to wish you a peaceful year-end, Merry Christmas, and a wonderful start into 2023. And most importantly – don’t forget to have yourself a great time!

Stephan Janouch
Director Marketing @ videantis

ps. Check out below what happened at videantis in 2022!

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Automotive SoCs designed in Hannover

videantis and ADTechnology will jointly build automotive SoCs for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD) using Samsung Foundry’s advanced 5nm process.

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FlexAISIC AI chip tapes out with videantis processor platform

The videantis v-MP6000UDX platform is the core component of the FlexAISIC AI chip performing key perception unit functionality for autonomous driving. The chip development is part of the KI-Flex project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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videantis raises venture capital

videantis completed a multi-million Euro funding round to accelerate its current growth path. The funding round is supported by investors with strong semiconductor and automotive background.

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videantis hires CFO, focuses on growth

videantis appointed Christoph Averhaus as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to drive company growth.

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Low-power AI chip tapes out with videantis processor platform

videantis announced the tape-out of a low-power AI chip based on its v-MP6000UDX unified processing platform. The chip development is part of the European TEMPO project and targets several autonomous driving use cases.

videantis processor platform adopted for TEMPO neuromorphic edge AI chip

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