Here’s a preview of our talk we did on May 3rd at the Embedded Vision Summit in Santa Clara:

The full talk is available on YouTube, after free registration at the Embedded Vision Alliance.


Just as cars replaced horse carriages in the 1920s, electronics is bound to replace the human operator in the 2020s. The benefits are tremendous: self-driving cars save lives, save time and save cost. For car manufacturers, change will be gradual. With each new model year, they’re adopting increasingly sophisticated advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that aid the driver, instead of taking full control. These systems use cameras and computer vision techniques to understand the vehicle’s surroundings. In our talk we present an overview of the state of ADAS today and give a glimpse into the future. We highlight technology trends, challenges, and lessons learned, with a focus on the crucial role that computer vision plays in these systems.

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