The Embedded Vision Alliance shot three videos of our products demonstrations during CES 2015 in Las Vegas. You can find them below.

Structure from Motion

We developed this product together with VISCODA. Structure from Motion is a technique that allows the capture of 3D information using a standard, single, 2D camera.

Pedestrian detection using HOG/SVM, and Haar-based object detection

Our pedestrian detection demonstrations implements  the Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) technique, combined with a Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier. The Haar-based object detector is demonstrated for face detection, but can also be trained to detect different types of objects.

Low-delay, High Intra H.264 video encode and decode for Ethernet AVB

This demonstration shows video encode of a live video stream, transmission over an Ethernet AVB link, then decode and display on the other side. The overall glass-to-glass latency is sub 10ms, with latency within the encoder or decoder being under 1ms.