DL-for-embeddedWe’re starting 2018 with a bang! Today at CES in Las Vegas we unveiled our new v-MP6000UDX visual processing architecture and v-CNNDesigner tool. This new processor increases deep learning algorithm performance by up to three orders of magnitude, while maintaining software compatibility with the already very powerful and successful v-MP4000HDX architecture.



  • v-MP6000UDX processor provides 1000x performance on deep learning
  • v-CNNDesigner tool runs and optimizes your CNNs in minutes
  • Scales from typically 8 to up to 256 cores with 64 MACs per core
  • Runs deep learning, computer vision, video coding all on same platform

Performance is industry-leading, scaling to 25 TMAC/s and 16384 MACs per cycle, while remaining very low power and bandwidth efficient.

We continue to see a lot of demand for smart sensing systems that combine deep learning with other computer vision and video processing techniques such as SLAM or structure from motion, wide-angle lens correction, and video compression. We’re the only company that can run all these tasks on a single unified processing architecture. This simplifies SOC design and integration, eases software design, reduces unused dark silicon, and provides additional flexibility to address a wide variety of use cases.

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What experts say…

Embedded Vision Alliance“With its innovative, specialized processors, videantis has long been a pioneer in enabling the proliferation of computer vision into mass-market applications,” said Jeff Bier, founder of the Embedded Vision Alliance. “By enabling the deployment of deep learning as well as conventional computer vision algorithms, processors like the v-MP6000UDX are making the promise of more intelligent devices a reality.”

The Linley Group

Mike Demler, Senior Analyst at The Linley Group, said, “Embedded vision is enabling a wide range of new applications such as automotive ADAS, autonomous drones, new AR/VR experiences, and self-driving cars. Videantis is providing an architecture that can run all the visual computing tasks that a typical embedded vision system needs, while meeting stringent power, performance, and cost requirements.”

Demos at CES

Are you visiting CES? In our private suite, we will be showing many computer vision demonstrations running on our vision processing platform. Our schedule is already very full, but please contact us in case you would like to drop by and learn more. Demos include an automotive camera from ADASENS/FICOSA, Structure from Motion/SLAM, different object detectors, optical flow, and OpenCV acceleration, all running in videantis silicon.

Contact us to secure your private meeting today.

Upcoming events

CES 9-12 Jan, 2018, Las Vegas Come meet with us in our private suite 1830 at the Westgate hotel at the convention center.
Mobile World Congress 26 Feb – 1 Mar, 2018, Barcelona, Spain See us at the largest mobile event of the year.

Schedule a meeting with us by sending an email to sales@videantis.com. We’re always interested in discussing your video and vision SOC design ideas and challenges. We look forward to talking with you!

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