Development platforms

Our development tools are complemented with a high-performance hardware development system for prototyping software. In addition, the same board can be integrated with your own development system.

Vantage development system

videantis Vantage boardThe videantis Vantage board includes a silicon implementation of the 10-core unified video/vision processor. This board can be connected to a PC-based development system using its USB port, or can run in conjunction with an embedded Host CPU board.

  • 10-core videantis vision processor
  • 400MHz processor clock
  • Flash memory
  • Camera interface
  • HDMI display output
  • USB 2.0 interface

ARM-based development system

videantis development system

The videantis Vantage board can be seamlessly combined with a Host CPU board. Off the shelf, we provide an integrated solution that pairs the videantis Vantage board with an ARM-based development board that runs a Linux operating system.

  • Host CPU development board
  • 1GHz ARM host
  • Ethernet interface
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • WiFi access point
  • Linux operating system

Custom solutions

For rapid prototyping and development, we can integrate our development boards and systems directly with your development board, camera module, or applications processor. Please contact us to get an overview of our offering.