Article: Why your DL accelerator should be replaced

Intelligence is quickly being added to all our electronics devices. Whether it’s our vehicles that automatically brake when things get dangerous, our phone’s cameras that ensure every picture we take looks great, or our datacenters that need to not just store and distribute our videos, but also understand what’s in them – intelligent image processing using deep learning is everywhere.
But just adding a deep learning accelerator next to a chip’s host CPU subsystem doesn’t mean you have a chip that can handle all the required visual computing tasks. While we’ve seen some designs that didn’t realize this, many SOCs these days do have multiple compute engines for the different imaging-related processing duties.

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AutoSens Brussels

AutoSens_BrusselsIn September we again visited the excellent AutoSens show in Brussels. A video with the top highlights and takeaways is available on YouTube. Our own Marco Jacobs chaired the “Managing data and processing power” track, which focused on how to handle the huge amounts of data that sensors inside our vehicles gather.

One conclusion from the show was that automotive sensors are getting smarter. There’s a clear trend toward building more functionality into them, which is what videantis has been focusing on for many years.

Another important fact is that although the development of fully autonomous vehicles is perhaps much harder and slower than expected, adding active safety systems to our cars is a very active field. There were no disillusioned engineers at the show, as the advanced driver assistance systems is a rapidly growing market. We witness significant progress each time we meet our customers and partners at AutoSens, and we’re excited that our deep learning and computer vision processor solutions play a key role in this industry.

Next show: CES in Las Vegas

CES_logoThere’s only a couple of months left before the largest Consumer Electronics Show of the year takes off again in Las Vegas.
We will be showing several demonstrations in our private suite at the Westgate, right at the convention center. On display will be different automotive cameras that have our technology inside, and a multitude of demos showing deep learning, Structure from Motion/SLAM, video compression, optical flow, and computer vision acceleration, all running in silicon on our own multicore, high-performance, low-power processor architecture.

We still have a few free entrance passes we can give away. We are looking forward to meeting our industry friends again at CES.

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Industry news

New Volkswagen Golf launched
The Golf is the most successful European car for more than four decades. Now a new chapter in the history of this best-seller begins with the world premiere of the eighth Golf – digitalized, connected, and intuitive to operate. Never before has a Golf been so progressive. The Golf’s digital interior enables a new dimension of intuitive operation. Speeds of up to 210 km/h are possible with assisted driving. The Golf’s world premiere took place in Wolfsburg, where the Golf was invented, and where it has been built and refined for the last 45 years. See the launch video

Committee receives Emmy award for JPEG
An example of cutting-edge innovation, the JPEG has remained one of the leading still-image formats for 27 years, enabling the world to use and share billions of images every day. The experts behind the technology, collectively known as the ISO/IEC and ITU Joint Photographic Experts Group, have now been granted an Engineering Emmy for their invaluable contribution to engineering developments. The team is currently working on the next big joint video coding standard, VVC. Read the press release

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CES 7–10 Jan, Las Vegas, USA Visit our suite and see our demos at the largest consumer electronics show on the planet.
Mobile World Congress 24–27 Feb, Barcelona, Spain Let’s meet at this key mobile event.

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