6 reasons deep learning accelerators need vision processors

Since AlexNet in 2012, deep learning (DL) has taken the world of image processing by storm. Working on vision applications for automotive, smartphones, data centers, augmented reality, or using image processing in any shape or form? Then you’re probably either already using deep learning techniques or looking to adopt them. Since deep learning consumes very high compute resources, typically several TOPS, many SOC architects are adding specific deep learning accelerators to their designs to provide the required computational power. But when you’re looking to add smart camera sensing capabilities to your device, just adding a deep learning accelerator isn’t really enough. You also need a vision processor that efficiently runs image processing and classical computer vision (CV) algorithms. Let’s look at some reasons why.

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CES 2019 is getting close, let’s meet!

CES 2019 invitation smallTo most people, Las Vegas is known for its casinos and nightlife, but for us it’s primarily the home of the largest consumer electronics show in the world. The show is getting bigger again this year and more than 180,000 people are planning to gather to discuss the very latest tech for VR/AR, robots, AI, IoT, drones, smartphone, and 8K displays. Many major automotive OEMs and Tier 1s will be demonstrating their latest technologies and prototypes. Computer vision, AI, and imaging were hot topics last year, and no doubt it’ll be the same this year. You can’t miss it.

We will be showing several demonstrations in our private suite at the Westgate right at the convention center. On display will be automotive cameras that have our technology inside, and a plethora of demonstrations including deep learning, Structure from Motion/SLAM, video compression, optical flow, and OpenCV acceleration, all running in silicon on our own multicore, high-performance, low-power processor architecture.

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HiringLooking for a position where you can learn a lot and make a big impact at the same time?

We’ve added several people to our team in the past couple of months but are still looking for additional stellar hardware and software engineers to add to our staff at our headquarters in Hannover, Germany. Do you think you can keep up with the pace of the rest of our team? Interested in taking on a challenge? Do you have experience in deep learning, embedded processing, low power parallel architectures, or performance optimization? We’d love to hear from you.

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Industry news

Waymo: our technology would have avoided the collision
Recently, one of our vehicles was involved in a manual collision that injured a motorcyclist. Our test driver took control of the vehicle after seeing a passenger car to the left abruptly move towards our vehicle’s lane. Our driver responded by quickly moving the vehicle into the right lane. Unfortunately, our driver did not see that a motorcyclist had just moved from behind our vehicle into the right lane to pass us. Our review of this incident confirmed that our technology would have avoided the collision by taking a safer course of action.
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VW betting $50 billion on electrification, autonomy, mobility services
If you’re going to make a big leap into new automotive technology, it helps to come prepared, and Volkswagen sounds pretty damn prepared. Volkswagen announced earlier this month that it intends to spend about $50 billion through 2023 on a variety of new tech, including mobility services, digitalization, autonomous driving and vehicle electrification. VW estimates that this will represent about one third of its total expenditures between 2019 and 2023. The supervisory board approved VW’s spending plans.
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CES 8–12 Jan, Las Vegas Come meet with us in our private suite 1830 at the Westgate hotel right at the convention center.
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