Set-top box & TV

Home ST and TV teaserInternet connections, rich user interfaces, and over the top content are quickly becoming standard features of today’s set-top boxes and TVs. In addition, these devices are marching toward becoming the central multimedia gateway in the home, which can serve content originating off the air, from cable, the Internet or other connected devices.

Key videantis technologies for set-top boxes and TVs:

Key applications:

  • 4K or 8K with high dynamic range (10-bit) video codecs
  • Support for new standards such as HEVC, VP9 or AV1
  • Embedded vision acceleration for applications such as gesture interfaces
  • Video coding of legacy standards such as MPEG-2 on the same silicon

For the set-top box and TV market, videantis provides the highest performing and flexible video processing solution, enabling a wide variety of use cases that enhance the user experience.