Professional applications

RoboticsOur technology applies to a wide variety of professional applications that use cameras, computer vision, and video coding.

Key videantis technologies for professional applications:

Data center

While a lot of deep learning, computer vision and video coding applications run at the edge, data centers are quickly growing and specialized resources to address these compute capabilities are now also being added.


Computer vision for production robots were some of the first successes in the market. Speed, accuracy, and performance are key for robotics.


Many medical applications use imaging techniques these days. Whether it’s x-ray imaging, MRI, or ultrasound, all of these applications require high-performance image processing.

Broadcast television

Broadcast encoders and transcoders require highest quality, lowest bitrate, multi-format video codec support. In addition, cost and low-power operation are key.


Aerospace and military system developers need high-performance, low-power image-processing capabilities for guidance and object detection and recognition.

Key applications:

  • Object detection, recognition and tracking
  • Positioning, localization and mapping
  • Multi-format video compression and transcoding