neural net small blueOver the past 5 years or so, deep learning has gone from a niche technology being worked on in research labs to a must-have new technology for next-generation smart systems. The market for deep-learning-enabled embedded vision applications is growing rapidly. Self-driving cars, augmented reality, drones, and advanced driver assistance systems power novel user experiences, safer rides, and new usage models, but require a power-efficient architecture and many billions of operations per second of processing.

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Automotive teaserWhile deep learning is a powerful technology, almost all embedded vision applications combine deep learning with more classical computer vision techniques such as SLAM, optical flow or object detection. Our solutions run both deep learning as well as computer vision on the same architecture, allowing you to seamlessly integrate both techniques in your applications.

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In addition, virtually any system that includes a camera or display needs video compression or decompression technology for storage or for transmitting the video over cables or the internet. Video coding standards keep evolving and resolutions and frame rates keep on increasing. We support a wide variety of standards and 4K or 8K resolutions. Our video coding solutions are also optimized specifically for the end application. Whether you need low latency, low bandwidth, deepest quality, highest quality, or DRAM-less operation for ultra low cost, we have you covered.

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Videantis delivers an ultra-low-power, high-performance processing solution in its v-MP6000UDX scalable unified architecture that runs all your visual computing tasks. Serving the need for comprehensive one-stop solutions, videantis products are centered around a common hardware platform available as licensable IP core that can readily be integrated into your SOCs, combined with a comprehensive software application portfolio and application-specific reference designs.

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Our licensable processor cores and optimized application libraries offer powerful and efficient solutions for smart sensing, multimedia-centric systems and devices, distinguished by their high performance, low power, and efficient deep learning/vision/video implementations. Due to the flexibility and firmware-upgradeability, our solutions constitute a future-proof investment for high volume SoC designs and differentiated solutions.

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