CES: AI, smart homes, foldable displays, 5G, and of course automotive ADAS

Videantis at CES 2019 Technology more and more influences how we live our daily lives. Whether it’s new technology in our vehicle that prevents us from getting into an accident, our mobile phone that connects us to our friends and family, or the latest voice-controlled home assistant, you can count on CES showing the very latest in game-changing tech.

You can watch the video of our own Tony Picard giving an overview of videantis and walking you through our demonstrations.

The report gives an overview of the trends we spotted at CES: AI is omnipresent, smart home devices are everywhere, rollable and foldable displays, 5G, and of course automotive. In automotive, instead of focusing on the future, companies are now looking at tomorrow: what technology can we really bring to your car next year, which is exactly what videantis is all about.

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Video: How deep learning affects automotive

AutoSens talk 2018The video of our deep learning for automotive talk is now available.

Our Marco Jacobs, VP Marketing, gave this talk at AutoSens 2018, a leading vehicle perception conference and exhibition, which was held at the stunning AutoWorld Museum in Brussels.

The presentation discusses the following topics:

  • New processor architectures are required for deep learning
  • Classical computer vision and imaging are to coexist with deep learning
  • Deep learning’s impact on system and SOC design

The next AutoSens is in May 2019 at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit.

Let us know if you would like to receive the slide deck.

Industry news

Valeo’s XtraVue camera system sees through trailer
This system uses video images captured from cameras located at the rear of both the vehicle and the trailer or caravan. It combines them into a single homogeneous image, allowing the driver to see, on a small screen right in front of him, everything happening behind the vehicle, rendering the trailer totally invisible. Read more

Looking back at Google’s research efforts in 2018
Google’s Jeff Dean posted an extensive blog that gives an overview of the research that’s been going on at Google, showing the large role AI plays in their development efforts. Jeff describes, among others, assistive technology that helps users accomplish things faster and more effectively, natural language understanding, perception to understand images, sound, and video, or to create tools for image capture, compression, processing, and augmented reality, computational photography, and TPUs. Read more

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