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Videantis video IP has been shipping in volume since 2004. The processor IP is used in a wide range of products, from media players to automotive infotainment systems, from automotive ADAS to tablets, and from over-the-top set-top boxes to video transcoders in the cloud. Our unified video/vision processor IP combined with our deep learning solutionswide range of optimized video codecs and computer vision algorithm libraries provides a flexible and efficient solution for all your video and image-processing needs.

Below are some examples of the devices on the market with videantis processor IP inside.

Are you integrating or developing for videantis processors? Here’s an overview of our development resources.

Automotive ADAS
In 2017 we announced our partnership with ADASENS/FICOSA. The partnership combines the ADASENS portfolio of computer vision functions with videantis’s low-power, high-performance embedded vision processor.

 ADASENS vision functions

Automotive infotainment systems

 Panel of a modern car. Screen multimedia system.

OTT set top boxes


Hybrid Internet / satellite receiver


Android tablets