Application partners

Videantis application partners bring their unique, differentiating and computationally demanding algorithms to the videantis platform and we jointly offer these to high-volume semiconductor manufacturers and OEMs.

Are you integrating or developing for videantis processors? Here’s an overview of our development resources.

We’re continuing to expand our partner program, please contact in case you would like to learn more.


ADASENS focuses on the development and marketing of machine vision solutions for camera based automotive ADAS systems. The company was launched within the south German “Silicon Valley” of ADAS in 2006 and belongs 100% to FICOSA Group since 2016. Customers benefit from deep algorithmic know how, steady research activity, a proprietary toolchain and industrialization expertise via serial projects.


Almalence is the global leader in computational imaging technologies, used in a wide range of optical systems, from high-end DSLR cameras to mobile phones. Almalence’s solutions are licensed by top smartphone OEMs and shipping on more than 30M high-end devices annually. Almalence, Inc. is a privately owned company with headquarters in Austin, Texas and a team distributed across the world – USA, Russia, Israel, China and South Korea.





gestigon develops software solutions for skeleton tracking and gesture control on the basis of 3D depth data for the consumer electronics and automotive markets. The unique selling propositions of the solution, especially the low latency (run time), the low requirements on the used processors as well as the high flexibility, have positioned the company as the global market leader for automotive/interior gesture solutions.

nViso is a leading provider of emotion recognition software that interprets human facial micro­expressions and eye movements captured through video. Its solutions use proprietary 3D facial imaging technology with artificial intelligence to track hundreds of different facial points and recognize human emotions.


PathPartner Technologies possesses in-­depth experience in the development of video analytics and vision algorithms for several markets including video security, retail, automotive vision, industrial automation, home security, and automation.


ViNotion is specialized in intelligent image interpretation in videos for the recognition of objects, with applications in video surveillance and people counting. In addition to its standard products, ViNotion also develops custom­ made vision solutions.


VISCODA develops and licenses algorithms for digital image processing, computer vision, and 3D scene analysis. VISCODA is known in the market for their key enabling, high-quality algorithms for automotive ADAS and mobile applications.