Good-bye 2020, hello 2021!

I would like to send you our best wishes for the upcoming holiday season and a happy new year – hopefully a much better year than 2020.

Let’s take a moment to breathe and recap: 2020. What a year. Saying things worked out much differently than expected would be a major understatement. While we at videantis overall had a great year, i.e. business continued to grow and our staff stayed uninfected by the virus, we are aware that a lot of people went through tough times, both in their business and private lives. Who knows how long it will take until everyone and everything gets back normal. Estimates range from 6 months to never.

At the same time, and I hope some of you share my careful optimism, even this pandemic provides a few valuable lessons-learned:
• Business is not everything, it is people that really matter.
• Digitalization has still a long way to go: education, administrative services…lots of room for improvement.
• Freedom to go whenever and wherever you want is a present and shall not be taken for granted.
• Globalization is a good thing. Mostly, but not always.

I’m sure you have your own list and I’d be very much interested in your opinion (feel free to write me:

But wait, there was more in 2020 than just “the virus”. Here are some of the most important news items that had or will have an impact on our industry:

AMD’s $35 Billion Acquisition Of Xilinx

Another big chapter in the book of semiconductor consolidation using the blueprint of the Intel-Altera deal that happened a few years ago.

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Can China become the world leader in semiconductors?

Of course China doesn’t yet have the latest semiconductor process technology at hand and a lot of chips are designed by US companies, like Intel, Apple or Qualcomm, but China has clearly mastered the game of catching up in other areas, like telecom infrastructure or mobile devices. We’ll see whether the current US export regulations will kill China’s semiconductor industry or whether it will thrive under the pressure. I don’t know…

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NVIDIA to buy ARM for $40B

Rumours were around for quite some time that ARM would be for sale, but still the planned takeover was quite a surprise. A lot of things still remain unclear, so this deal will be touched on in the media for months to come.

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The videantis team and I are looking forward to 2021. We’ll continue to work with our respected customers, partners and investors, and we have a bunch of exciting things coming up next year. Stay tuned.

To end this newsletter I would have two requests for you: First, check out our webpage (it’s brand new and we’ve put a lot of effort into it to make using it a pleasurable experience), and second: stay safe!

Thank you,
Stephan Janouch, Director Marketing @ videantis