Article: It’s not about where we’re going; it’s how we get there

There is no doubt cars will simply become robots that take us places, but what will happen between now and then?

OICA 6 levels of assisted drivingGoogle follows the “moonshot approach”. Their self-driving car project focuses on developing fully autonomous vehicles. They say, “We believe that the full potential of self-driving technology will only be delivered when a vehicle can drive itself from place to place at the push of a button, without any human intervention.”

But the car manufacturers live in a different reality. Together they produce about 100 million cars annually. They can’t afford shooting for the moon, but instead have to focus on next year’s model. They need to adopt technology that is available at reasonable cost and in volume today.

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ACC, FCW, LDW, TSR? Automotive safety acronyms explained

The field of automotive ADAS solutions is growing rapidly. Several systems are already on the market and even more are in development. To help you navigate the many acronyms in use, we’ve collected a list of acronyms. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more you’d like to see added to this list.
Some of the acronyms that we explain in the article: ACC, ADAS, AFLS, AHBC, ALC, ANV, AEB, APS, BSD, BSM, BSW, BOP, and many more.

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Industry news

If Wozniak would be 24 today, he’d be working on embedded vision
During Freescale’s Technology Forum a couple weeks ago, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was interviewed. At one point he’s asked an interesting question: “If you were 24 today, what would you invent?” Steve Wozniak’s answer: “I would be working on chips that take vision in, and turn the vision into a description of what the objects are and where they are.” Watch Steve Wozniak discuss innovation, the evolution of connected devices and his vision of what’s next on Freescale’s homepage. Starting at 3:11 Wozniak speaks about embedded vision.

Dan Rayburn: Reject HEVC Advance Patent Pool licensing terms
Last month newly formed patent pool HEVC Advance announced their licensing terms for patents pertaining to HEVC video. [See: New Patent Pool Wants 0.5% Of Every Content Owner/Distributor’s Gross Revenue For Higher Quality Video] While the pool has yet to detail any of the actual patents in question, or make it clear exactly whom they feel is required to pay for licensing, they still plan to open up for licensing deals on October 1st. Each company has to do their own due diligence with regards to HEVC Advance, but my recommendation is not to agree to HEVC Advance’s licensing terms. Continue reading

Google’s self-driving cars confused by hipster bicycles
When Google released its first accident reports in June, the company revealed that in the combined 1.8 million miles its cars had been on the road, they had only been involved in 12 minor accidents — none of which were their fault. But this default to caution can cause strange incidents when Google cars run into humans engaging in non-standard behaviour. One such incident reportedly occurred earlier this month in Austin, when a robot car was baffled by a man riding a fixed-gear bike.

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