1-3 May, 2017

Embedded Vision Summit

EVS2017This is the event for innovators who want to incorporate visual intelligence into products. Come meet us in Santa Clara, California and connect with hundreds of product and application developers, business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs – all focused on embedded vision.

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Venue and dates

May 1-3, 2017

Santa Clara Convention Center
5001 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, CA 95054


Marco Jacobs will give a presentation titled “Computer-vision-based 360-degree Video Systems: Architectures, Algorithms and Trade-offs”

360-degree video systems use multiple cameras to capture a complete view of their surroundings. These systems are being adopted in cars, drones, virtual reality, and online streaming systems. At first glance, these systems wouldn’t seem require computer vision since they’re simply presenting images that the cameras capture. But even relatively simple 360-degree video systems require computer vision techniques to geometrically align the cameras – both in the factory and while in use. Additionally, differences in illumination between the cameras cause color and brightness mismatches, which must be addressed when combining images from different cameras. Computer vision also comes into play when rendering the captured 360-degree video. For example, some simple automotive systems simply provide a top-down view, but more sophisticated systems enable the driver to select the desired viewpoint. In this talk, we explore the challenges, trade-offs and lessons learned while developing 360-degree video systems, with a focus on the crucial role that computer vision plays in these systems.

Please let us know if you’re there and we can set up a meeting.