17-20 September, 2018


AutoSensLogoAutoSens connects technologists in all disciplines of vehicle perception to network, collaborate, solve shared challenges and advance ADAS technologies more rapidly. Bringing together engineers from several engineering disciplines including automotive imaging, LiDAR, radar, image processing, computer vision, in-car networking, testing and validation, certification and standards, AutoSens is a collaborative environment geared towards supporting engineering activities.

See the AutoSens website for more information.


On Thursday September 20th, our Marco Jacobs will give a talk titled “How deep learning affects automotive SOC and system designs”. Marco will discuss how new processor architectures are required for deep learning, that classical computer vision and imaging are to coexist with deep learning, and how deep learning affects system and SOC design.


AutoWorld, Brussels, Belgium

Contact us to schedule a meeting at the event. We’re always interested in discussing the latest trends in mobile, home, and automotive SOCs.